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The Work Experience And Training Program is a way the of getting more Australians back into the work force. This Work Experience Program will place job seekers (such as yourself), into real life work experience placements. Additionally, it will help you gain experience, knowledge and confidence while demonstrating skills to potential future employers.

Benefits Of The Program.

Get Real  Work Experience & Training
Get real world work experience in the construction industry along with training required to help you.
Get into The Construction Industry
Get your foot in the door of one of Australia's highest paying industries. 
Gain Skills
Learn the skills needed for certain high-demand jobs within the construction industry. 

Work Health & Safety

Possible Job Outcome: OHS Officer, Workplace Safety Manager
Average Salary: 
It is mandatory in Australia for employees to participate in Work Health & Safety, so, get  work experience and training that will help you impress potential employers and aid you in getting a job in construction quicker.


Possible Job Outcome: Scaffolder
Average Salary: 
Erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding and assosiated equipment. Get experience and learn how to build modular and coupler scaffolds along with fall protection devices, catch platforms and bracket scaffolds. These can be for construction sites, housing sites as well as building stands and tiered seating for public events such as concerts or sporting events.
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The above are examples of some of the tasks you may be performing. These may vary depending upon availability.

Construction Work Experience
And Training Program

What You'll Be Doing And Possible Job Outcomes...

Traffic Control

Possible Job Outcome: Traffic Controller
Average Salary: 
Get work experience on various or same location sites. Becoming a Traffic Controller provdies you with great variety and allows you to work outdoors. It is a physicall role where sometimes you also have to assist builders & contractors with the differtnt daily tasks on the traffic control site.


Possible Job Outcomes: Building, plumbling, construction labourers
Average Salary: 
Australia has one of the highest rates of employment in the world. From becoming a bricky, concretor, plumber or even a general labour hand on building site there is plenty of work available. Get the work experience and training you need to get your foot in the door with the right companies. 


Possible Job Outcome: Forklift driver/operator
Average Salary: 
Get work experience with a Forklift. This is perfect if you are looking forn a job in warehousing, storage or distrubution.  These types of roles require you to load and unload frieght at warehouses, frieght centres and also helpmout machine operators and general hand in production duties.
Posible Job Outcome: Rigger dogman, crane operator, construction labourer
Average Salary: 
Learn how to work safely at heights and operate elevating work platforms + get the experience and training designed to help you get a job in this industry quicker.

Working at Heights

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Hourly Award Wages

You get the specific training to become work ready.

Want to Join Australia's Fastest Growing & Highest Paying Industry?

You get real construction job experience.

About The Program

In 2009-10, wages and salaries in the construction industry was $43 billion. There is currently a demand for job seekers. Source: www.abs.gov.au

Source: www.fairwork.gov.au - Building andConstruction general on site award 

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Average construction salary is $107,503 (Management average salary $124,682) Source: Seek

Rebuilding NSW Plan - Infrastructure

The NSW Government is turbocharging the NSW economy by investing $20 billion in infrastructure through its Rebuilding NSW plan. This is a plan to invest $20 billion in new productive infrastructure that will boost the economy by almost $300 billion and create over 100,000 new jobs.


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